Building a tiny mic 🎙️

In an effort to slim down my travel kit, I decided that a tiny mic was in order. I’ve seen several people on YouTube use small mics and I’ve seen some for sale on eBay but when I found this design, I knew I had to build one.

Testing, testing, 123

The site has a list of what you need and most of the components can be found on aliexpress for a very low price. You just have a wait a bit for delivery. You end up with 10 or more of each and my total was around £5 delivered.

It is very small! First I connected it up with what I thought was thin hook up wire but it was too big and difficult when I tried to squeeze it into the case.

Full of wires

I used some of the sotabeams thin wire I’d made an antenna from and this was much better. I also placed each component inside the 3D print and measured out the wire more precisely. It was fiddly but meant there wasn’t too much extra wire to squeeze in.

Neatly tucked in

The top half of the case clicks together but does need a fair amount of force to get it on. The nut for the 3.5mm socket holds that in place and we’re ready to go.

Side by side with MH3

I might make one for the G90 next.







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