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  • Building a tiny mic 🎙️

    Building a tiny mic 🎙️

    In an effort to slim down my travel kit, I decided that a tiny mic was in order. I’ve seen several people on YouTube use small mics and I’ve seen some for sale on eBay but when I found this design, I knew I had to build one. The site has a list of what…

  • Listening to Astronauts 👨‍🚀

    Listening to Astronauts 👨‍🚀

    A while ago I managed to pick up a Kenwood D72 from a SK sale for a good price. This is one of the few handhelds that do full duplex, and is also packed with features, including APRS and GPS. This makes it ideal for FM satellites. I recently picked up an Arrow II handheld…

  • Portable ops in the Cairngorms

    Portable ops in the Cairngorms

    My first radio was the Xiegu G90, and when I bought my Yaesu FT-DX10 I decided I’d keep the G90 for portable operations. It’s pretty small, 20W, and I already have it and know how it works. With a few days planned to stay near Aviemore in the summer holidays I thought it was the…