Live on Youtube

Was on the computer doing things and switched tabs to YouTube and I saw Callum, M0XXT, of DXCommander, doing a live stream on 40m. Thought I might as well give him a call.

My antenna was unplugged, as it comes in through the window and now it’s getting chilly in the mornings, so I had to nip out to get that sorted. I don’t know why I was in a rush, he was on for hours, but always a chance he’d move on to 20m for EU/US stations. This meant I was still on 25 W from last time I used the radio for FT8 when I called him. Now, 25W to 100W is only 6 dB (notionally an S point), so in some respects not a big deal, but you never know and sometimes it can make a difference.

He heard me just fine, 56. I meant to tell him he was 59 but forgot with telling him my name and location – he gets a bit frustrated when people don’t tell him their name 😅 – and thought I’d say it on the next over, but I didn’t get one. Not that it mattered at all.

20 seconds of fame. Here’s the link to the moment if the embed ignores that.

So now my QSO is immortalised by Google on YouTube.

Is this the radio equivalent of being behind a reporter on a live TV show? I don’t know, but a bit of fun anyway.






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