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  • A great day on 10

    A great day on 10

    If you’ve been paying any attention you would know propagation on 10m has been exceptional this past week or so. Given my shack relocation, I’ve been missing out on it…until today! I had some time around lunchtime and when I looked at the maximum usable frequency on this site, I was amazed to see the…

  • First on Five

    First on Five

    For a little while, the Matrix Radio group have been talking about a HF net at some stage. I think I offered to do something, but have yet to do so! Steve, M0XVT, raised that he joins a 60m net and we all thought that sounded like a good idea to try. We’d agreed to…

  • Live on Youtube

    Live on Youtube

    Was on the computer doing things and switched tabs to YouTube and I saw Callum, M0XXT, of DXCommander, doing a live stream on 40m. Thought I might as well give him a call. My antenna was unplugged, as it comes in through the window and now it’s getting chilly in the mornings, so I had…