So many rabbit holes, you’ll struggle to find ground

  • QO-100 Build: Part 1 – The Design

    QO-100 Build: Part 1 – The Design

    I think I first heard about QO-100 when looking at a local amateur’s QRZ page. He’d setup a couple of satellite dishes in his garden and had his QO-100 DX Club logo on his profile page, along with some other links. That started me down the rabbit hole. 🐇🛰️ Briefly, and there’s more details here,…

  • Portable ops in the Cairngorms

    Portable ops in the Cairngorms

    My first radio was the Xiegu G90, and when I bought my Yaesu FT-DX10 I decided I’d keep the G90 for portable operations. It’s pretty small, 20W, and I already have it and know how it works. With a few days planned to stay near Aviemore in the summer holidays I thought it was the…

  • Hello world! 📻

    Hello world! 📻

    I’ve decided to make a dedicated amateur radio blog. Partially, so I can run WordPress and (in theory) this will mean I make more posts as it’s easier than my current static site blog. I hope to record contacts I make, things I build, antennas I try out, and generally anything related to amateur radio.…