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  • SOTA saved by 2m

    SOTA saved by 2m

    It’s been a few weeks since my last activation and I wanted to go out. I didn’t have much time as I was meant to be sorting out the garage, so I picked a summit close to home, Cairn-Mon-Earn (GM/ES-080). It’s quite an easy walk following the loggers roads up to the summit. There are…

  • First attempts at LEO 🛰️

    First attempts at LEO 🛰️

    My previous attempt ended with just listening to the astronaut, and whilst fun, it wasn’t what I was actually meant to be doing. I’ve since read the manual and, mostly, figured out the D72. As the radio is quite old there is both lots of info online and also a lack of it, depending on…

  • Listening to Astronauts 👨‍🚀

    Listening to Astronauts 👨‍🚀

    A while ago I managed to pick up a Kenwood D72 from a SK sale for a good price. This is one of the few handhelds that do full duplex, and is also packed with features, including APRS and GPS. This makes it ideal for FM satellites. I recently picked up an Arrow II handheld…